MS Ride - Volunteers needed

John, N1PYN is looking for volunteer operators to staff the June 2023 MS ride.  Here is an oppertunity for local Hams to contribute and increase the visibility of Ham operators helping the community.  Please respond to John at:   [email protected]

Thank you

Looking for operators for the MS bicycle fundraiser “Cape Cod Getaway” to provide Comms at one of the rest stops. Mobile radios and antennas are preferred to ensure reliable signals to the nets. I am trying to bring amateur communications back to this event after it has waned over the years. You can do a couple hours, half day or both days! We will graciously take any time you can give us.  Thank you for considering us. John dot n1pyn .- - gmail


The times are estimates for the stops to be open and closed. Your set up time will be dictated by portable masts or driving up and parking. Each stop has refreshments for the participants and volunteers alike. 


Saturday June 24, 2023:

7:15a – 9:30a - Hingham - Wompatuck State Park     

7:30a – 11:00a - Marshfield - Eames Way School    

8:15a – 1:00p - Duxbury –Duxbury High School (Lunch)   

9:45 – 2:30p - Middleboro Byrne Sand & Gravel

10:15a – 3:00p - Carver - Oliva Hannula & Sons (water station only bring own snacks)

9:30a – 3:30p - Plymouth - Myles Standish College Pond Recreational Area

10a – 3:45p - Plymouth South Elementary (water station only bring own snacks)


Sunday June 25, 2023:

5:30a – 7:45a - Sandwich Cape Cod Rehab

5:45a – 9:00a - Barnstable – Cape Cod 5 savings Bank

6:00a – 11:30a - Brewster – Stony Brook Elementary

7:30a – 12:30p - Eastham – Cooks Brook Beach

8:15a – 2:00p - Truro – Central School. 

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 07:00 to Sunday, June 25, 2023 - 14:00