Want to be a member of an active group with similar interests? 
Well, we would love to have you!

You may sign up for a membership subscription by filling out our registration form here.  Once you have completed the registration your membership status will be "pending".  Most membership applications are voted on during our monthly meetings. (you are encouraged to attend) Once voted on your status will change to "member". 

Membership is a one-year term and automatically renewing.  You may cancel any time by contacting the club treasurer or via your user page.

  • The membership rate is $30/year per individual
  • We offer the following discounts for the following:
  • Newley licenced Ham -$25 makes membership $5 for the first year than the normal rate after. 
  • Full-Time Students -$25 makes membership $5/year.
  • Additional family members in the same household -$20 makes membership $10/year.

All membership rates are set at our annual meeting in November and are subject to change.

 To add additional family members please contact our treasurer and ask that they be added.  Do NOT do a separate registration for all or they will not get a discount applied.


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