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Red Cross Amateur Radio EmComm Drills and Training

From: Wayne Robertson, K4WK A nationwide EmComm Radio Drill is set for May 8, and we are having monthly Winlink trainings between now and then. Last Fall's Drill attracted over 1,500 hams in 47 states to practice passing Red Cross traffic and it was written up in QST [QST Feb 2010 pp. 71-72]. To be informed, pls join our for updates and announcements.  We've just opened a website, too.   

Community Events 2021+

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BARC Events 2021+

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Bullet Proof Diesel - Antenna Mounts

If you have a truck and want an antenna mount that is of excellent quality and does not require you drilling a hole in the roof this may be a good option for you. 

After discovering my new work truck was an all-aluminum body I was a bit hesitant to put a large 5/8 wave NMO mount in the roof.  It also had a ton of airbags mounted on the sides and it looked like a PITA to get around them.  I then discovered this:


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Upcoming Events

W1AW Antenna Farm

W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q; Tuesday, May 18, at 1 PM EDT (1700 UTC)Experience a bird's-eye view and description of the antennas used by W1AW for the station's scheduled transmissions and visiting operator activity. All the antennas used at W1AW are single-band Yagis.

BARC - June Club Meeting (via Zoom)

June Presentation - BARC Field Day Preparation – Don (K1DCA)

Ask the Lab: How ARRL’s Technical Information Service Can Help You

Presented by Ed Hare, W1RFI, ARRL Laboratory ManagerLearn all about the ARRL Technical Information Service (TIS) and the expert ARRL Laboratory staff who answer thousands of questions each year from members. Get tips about projects, suggestions to address various station installations, and help for some of your most pressing ham radio questions.

Improving Your Club’s 2021 Field Day Score

Presented by Paul Bourque, N1SFE, ARRL Contest Program ManagerLearn how your club or group can take advantage of the 2021 Field Day rules waivers while operating as Class D or E from home. We’ll discuss how individuals or groups can boost their scores by earning bonus points, review how to use the Field Day web applet to submit your score, and go over how to attribute your score to your club’s aggregate score.

ARRL Field Day

More info to follow.

National Traffic System (NTS) Training

Aaron Hulett (K8AMH) | ARRL North Texasregister via Eventbrite