Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire 2015

It was a excellent day for the 2015 Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire at Cape Cod Community Collage.  We had a lot more contacts than we expected (274!) and would like to thank all of the stations who made contact.

If you made contact with us and would like a certificate to confirm the QSO please use our log book.


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August General Membership Meeting

August presentation - Balun’s Mystery Disclosed!  Bob Glorioso, W1IS, and Bob Rose, KC1DSQ

Semi-Portable Satellite Station

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo

QSO Today Virtual Ham ExpoComing SoonAugust 14th and 15th, 2021

Brooks Park Festival #2

Set up Friday PM (13), operate 9-4 Sat/Sun (14/15), tear down after 4 Sunday

Falmouth Road Race - Volunteers Needed

Barry /KB1TLR ; communications coordinator for the Falmouth Road Race is looking for volunteer radio operators. The race is Sunday August 15th, you will need to be on station prior to 8:00 am in Falmouth. Depending on your station you may be required to wear a mask. Barry will put out a complete operations manual prior to the race with all the details you should need. The only equipment you need is a 2 M HT with a hygain antenna if possible.

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