ARRL Field Day 2017 - Operating Schedule


  • The "Log" position is a person that will be entering the contacts into the logging system.  It makes the  operators job easier and is a good way to get experience if you have never done a Field Day in the past. 
  • If you are listing mutiple times please request them in your preferred order.  If you are requesting 6 hours of operating time and another person want only one slot you may be getting bumped. 
  • First come first serve... This list is maintained in real time so what you see is what we have. However requests are added by mutiple admins so it is possible that you may get beat for a time.  Simple answer is send your request early! Any of the directors can edit this list, so just send them an email or use the contact form on the site.


Time: Operator 1: Log 1: Operator 2:
Log 2: Operator 3:
Log 3:
----------------------- Saturday -----------------------
14:00-16:00  wa1use    Kb1tlr      
16:00-18:00  N1ZPO  ----  W1np    Kb1tlr  
18:00-20:00  Wa1tlx    W1np      
20:00-22:00  Wa1tlx          
22:00-24:00  Wa1exa ------        
----------------------- Sunday -----------------------
24:00-02:00  wa1exa  -------        
02:00-04:00  wa1exa  ------        
04:00-06:00  Wa1exa  --------        
06:00-08:00  Wa1tlx          
08:00-10:00  Wa1tlx          



  1. N1ZPO
  2. wa1exa
  3. w1np
  4. kb1tlr
  5. wa1use
  6. wa1tlx