RF Exposure Saftey (FCC Reg) Update

See tiny.cc/ratpac-listPresenter:Wayne Overbeck N6NBI've been involved in many aspects of amateur radio over the 65 years I've been licensed.  It's been fun.  I did some of the earliest portable e.m.e. (moonbounce) work--in places ranging from Alaska to the Utah-Nevada border.  Early on I found out I liked radio contests and also building things for the VHF, UHF and microwave bands.  In the 1960s I discovered that "mountaintopping" made it easier to win the VHF/UHF contests that are sponsored four times a year by ARRL, the national association for amateur radio.  By 1980, I had finished #1 nationally in the single operator category of 12 VHF or UHF contests--all while operating in a parked van or camper on various mountaintops from coast to coast

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 - 21:00