ARRL Field Day 2015 - Logging

We will be using N3FJP's "Field Day Contest Log" software again this year.  Apparently our lock-up problems last year were related to the hardware running the software and not the software. (lets hope) So this year we will be rolling out the heavy hitter a Dell Poweredge1950 dual 3.0 GHz Xeon quad-core CPU, 1U server running Windows 8.1 Enterprise!  If it will not work on this we will be in the market for new software. 

That said, the clients PC's also need to be addressed.  It is preferred that you bring at least a system with a SUPPORTED Windows operating system (XP is not however it will run the software fine).  What ever you bring needs to have had all the Windows updates and service packs installed!

Please download and install N3FJP Field Day Contest Log before you come to the Field Day site as we will not have internet access this year.  Don't worry about the software key, we will provide you that when you come.