January 2019 General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting


January 7, 2019


1.  Introductions by members in attendance

2.  Recognition of new members 

Approval of new members by the Board

3.  Recognition of license upgrades

4.  Introductions of new Officers and Directors

5.  Thanks to those who attended and contributed to the Holiday Party

6.  Approval of prior meeting minutes

7.  Treasurer’s report & vote on budget

8.  Secretary’s report

9.  Old business

Repeater – Mark Avery – N1ZPO (Repeater Trustee)

New antenna – Mark Avery – N1ZPO

Club apparel – Mark Avery – N1ZPO

Old business from the floor

10. New business

Field Day Committee

Membership Committee

Educational presentation topics – Chris Thompson KB1ZAM (VP)

11. Announcements

Hamfests/Swap Meets

12. Next meeting

 February 4th at 7:00pm in the Dennis Police station conference room

 Educational presentation topic

13. Topics the Chair did not reasonably anticipate

14. Adjourn


Monday, January 7, 2019 - 19:00