General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting


February 4, 2019

1.  Introductions by members in attendance

2.  Recognition of license upgrades

3.  Recognition & voting of new member

              Norm Cantin WA1NLG

4.  Approval of prior meeting minutes

5.  Treasurer’s report & vote on budget – Mark Avery N1ZPO

6.  Secretary’s report – Wally Turzyn K1WT

7.  Old business

New antenna – Mark Avery N1ZPO

Club apparel – Mark Avery N1ZPO

June 28-30 Field Day Committee – Barry Hutchinson KB1TLR

Membership Committee – Mark Petruzzi WA1EXA

Old business from the floor

8.  New business

Educational presentation topics – Chris Thompson KB1ZAM (VP)

9.  Announcements

Hamfests/Swap Meets

10. Next meeting

March 4th at 7:00pm in the Dennis Police station conference room

Educational presentation: HF Radio Wave Propagation (YouTube)

11. Topics the Chair did not reasonably anticipate

12. Adjourn


Monday, February 4, 2019 - 19:00