Harwich Cranberry Arts & Music Festival - September 16/17, 2017

BARC attended the Harwich Cranberry Arts & Music Festival for the first time this year! So far it was an interesting event with a lot of public participation. One day one we made over 200 contacts and should do close to that on day two also.








QSL Information:
We have several ways for you to get a QSL card or certificate for this event. Good old fashion snail mail will get you a QSL card if you send us a self addressed stamped envelope. You also have the option of getting an electronic copy right now by going to our log book and entering your call sign.

Because our regular club call of K1PBO was not used our electronic system needs to have the templates changed to reflect the proper call sign. This will be done on Sunday or Monday. You can still see what it looks like, but our call sign will not be what you have in your log.